General information


The monetary unit of Indonesia is the Rupiah. With regard to the Rupiah, the Dutch value is stable. The exchange rate of the Rupiah fluctuates because of the fluctuation of the American Dollar. The price of issue of € 1,- is approximately Rp. 9300. Although it is not possible to make use of an ATM in Tentena, we advise you to carry your ATM-card and/or creditcard if it is fit for Cirrus at banks that carry the ATM-vignette. The usage of ATM on Sulawesi is guarenteed in the cities of Makassar, Rantepao, Palu and Manado.


It is possible to call overseas or to fax is by the means of a swivel. The communication can also be done via the hotel, but it brings along high costs for the user. Although it is possible to make calls on –most- cellphones in large parts of Sulawesi, it is not possible in Tentena.


Indonesia has a tropical climate, with temperatures varying from 23 Celsius to 35 Celsius. Tentena is situated on the north-eastern shores of Lake Poso, where it is lovely warm during the day. The nights are cool. Easy-seated and light clothing of cotton is most suitable for the tropics.

Time zone

In Sulawesi it is 7 hours later (in our period of winter) or 6 hours later (in our period of summer) later than in The Netherlands.

Health and vaccination

A stay in a foreign country contains a certain risk for our health. You will be put in touch with strange eating habits and will be exposed to high temperatures and other standards of health and hygiene. There is a possibility you will be put in touch with sickness, that you would not have normally put in touch with in The Netherlands, like for instance, cholera, malaria, enteric fever (typhoid fever) and hepatitis A.
We advise you to contact the Municipal Health Service in your neighbourhood before you go your holiday to Sulawesi, with a minimum of two months before your departure. Beside, it might come in hand if you carry around your own first-aid kit, and –if necessary- to have a list of your standard medicine and to note down the sharpness of your glasses/lenses.